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Double Ended Lip Brush - Retractable Lip Brush

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Two ingenious brushes, one aim, to make your lipstick look as sharp as possible! Provides precise application of lipstick, lip gloss or liquid lipstick and eyeliner!

The filling end is perfectly wide enough to fill the lips without having to constantly top your brush, the unique ‘angled paddle’ shape makes application easy around the cupids bow area. The retractable defining end has been perfected for precision for crisp edges and lip art. This tool can also be used as an eyeliner brush to create thin or wider winged looks. Made with synthetic fibres.

BONUS: The lip brush has lids to each end, keeping the brush hygienic and your bag stain free! 

Tip: Use the 'Fill' brush with it's unique angled paddle shape to apply your lip colour to the whole of the lip, also crafted for shaping your cupids bow. Use the 'Define' brush to line the lips or use as for applying eyeliner with precision! 


Fill Brush: 10MM Define Brush: 9MM Length of Brush: 14CM

Vegan Friendly & 100% Cruelty Free.  


Synthetic Fibers

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