#SCUnitedSpotlight with BekyLou


We chatted to Beky Lou about her beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog on Wednesday night. We shine the weekly spotlight on a blogger or MUA from our united group, a group where we take bloggers behind the scenes of the creation of our brand. We are a brand that listens!

As well as beauty and fashion you also write fitness posts. What’s your tip for staying motivated this winter?

Honestly I think it’s party dress season! Getting into a killer bodycon always kicks me into gear! Buy a dress early that you can’t quite fit into nicely. Always motivates you to get exercising!

You recently turned 21 (Happy Belated Birthday) What’s the best beauty lesson you have learn’t growing up?

Eee! Thank you! Definitely not to wear blue eyeshadow/mascara! And also blend, blend, blend! You can never blend too much!

You reviewed our Double Ended Lip Brush on your blog! What did you love about it?

I adore this brush! It’s the perfect tool for precision and filling with bright lip colours all in one!

We can see that you’ve met Tanya Burr! Is there any other #bbloggers/#bvloggers that you would like to meet?

I’d love to meet Zoella (as most do) and I can’t wait to meet Beauty Crush in a few weeks!

You are an active member of the United Group! Which product reveal excited you the most?

Your first KISSticks! Being part of the group from the beginning it was so exciting seeing your first product! I loved helping and having a say in what I liked in a brand!

A big thank you to Beky Lou for taking part in tonights #SCUnitedSpotlight! Be sure to follow Beky’s blog here

Thank  you lovelies! Really enjoyed tonight 🙂

See you at the same time next week makeup lovers! xo



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