#SCUnitedSpotlight with Just A Little Bit Ginger



We chatted to Kirsty from Just A Little Bit Ginger who is a beauty and lifestyle blogger. Kirsty is an active member of our United group where we take beauty bloggers, makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts behind the scenes of our brand creation! We are a brand that listens!

You have been organising blogger events, which part of the meet ups do you look forward to the most?

I think it’s meeting all the lovely bloggers and being able to connect them with brands they may never have heard of if they didn’t attend. I love hearing seeing someone say ”They’re my new favourite” after an event!

We love your yummy recipe posts on your blog! Which one has been your fav to make?

Definitely my Oreo cupcakes! They were so delicious and for a good cause!

You reviewed our Beyond Limitations mascara on your blog! Why did you love it so much?

I loved that, for me, it was better than roller lash.

What is the one make up product you would take on a desert island with you?

Definitely eyeliner, I feel naked without it! 🙂

You are an active member of our United Group! Which product reveal excited you the most?

The new Colour Switch, I think it looks absolutely amazing!

A big thank you to Kirsty for taking part in our spotlight! You can follow Kirsty’s blog here

If you are a beauty blogger, beauty vlogger or makeup artist and you are interested in the same opportunities, send your links to info@kisscosmetics.co.uk

See you at the same time next week!


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