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 Please welcome Flavia.  Flavia is a beauty & lifestyle blogger who is an keen member of the SC United Group where we take bbloggers, bvloggers and MUA’s behind the scenes of the creation of our brand and ask for their thoughts and opinions along the way. SC is a brand that listens.

Which makeup product could you not live without ?

The black kajal! It’s versatile and can be used in both the rhymes of the eye and as an eyeshadow. By itself creates a total eye makeup 😉 And you don’t need anything else to wear 😀

What is your top beauty tip ?

Eyebrows should always be in order! If you wear glasses like I do, eyebrows are essential! A focal point on which who look at us focus it’s attention.They must be tidy and defined,but they also have to look natural 

Who are your favourite beauty bloggers or YouTubers ?

My favorite YouTubers are Carli Bybel and the Pixiwoo, but I prefer reading blogs! Especially small blogs (like mine), that report honest experiences that common people (like me) can better understand! 😀

You have tried out the Mini Lip Vinyl, which other product is on your KISS wish list ?

The top three of my wish list are: the Osculate Orchid KISStick (a purple perfect for autumn!) Followed the Lip Vinyl in Magnetic Melon and the KISStick in Birthday Suit! <3

 What have you enjoyed most about being part of the KISS United group so far ?

I love that the brand has created a community so active! What I love the most is that Kiss Cosmetics gives an opportunity to everyone.I want to thank you4giving me today my “fifteen minutes” of celebrity as Andy Warhol said!

A big thank you to Flavia for taking part in the #SCUnitedSpotlight this evening, follow Flavia’s blog here

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See you next week at the same time SC babes! xo

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